The Catchpen

by John Egenes

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DON'T BUY THIS. IT'S NOT REALLY AN ALBUM. It's just a place where all my mavericks are caught up and kept. It'll continue to fill up as time goes by. If you want to pay something, I appreciate it. But I encourage you to download these tunes for free. Think of it as a guilty pleasure. Best, --je


released October 1, 2014

John Egenes is the lone ranch hand here and does all the work. While he might deserve some credit, he sure enough deserves all the blame, too.



all rights reserved


John Egenes Dunedin, New Zealand

Download anything you see here for free (you can pay if you want, but you don't have to...) Multi- instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, saddlemaker, session musician for countless artists, and all around likeable guy, John stumbles through this life making mistake after mistake. His motto is, "You don't learn anything from your successes..." ... more

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Track Name: Easy Come Easy Go
With a halter and a lead rope, I step inside the pen
the young horse keeps an eye on me as I walk about within.
I don’t want to spook the mare, so I keep my eyes turned down
pretend to be more interested in what is on the ground.

I keep my back turned to her, not a word is said
when she finally sidles up to me, I slip the halter on her head
It ain’t just what you do, it’s what you know
It’s easy come and easy go

camped out in a line shack, forty miles from town
not another living soul nearby, and my pickup truck’s broke down
phone ain’t gonna work out here, line don’t run this far
barb wire fence is the only thing between me and the northern star

so I saddle up the roan mare, throw my bedroll on for luck
it’s two days ride to town and back, for a part to fix the truck
it ain’t how tall the trees, it’s where they grow
It’s easy come and easy go

The poor man works the vineyard, while the rich man drinks the wine
Each one knows the other, through the grapes upon the vine
Cowboy works the cattle, horse is always there
Each one knows the other through the saddle that they share

and the moral of this story, if a moral can be found
keep a good horse close to you, when you live this far from town
It ain’t just who you are, it’s who you know
It’s easy come and easy go
Track Name: Yipee Ki Yo
I saddled up my young horse one day, I reckon I was tryin' to provide
a means of escaping my own sorry life, so I took him out for a ride
you might say that I was a knotheaded fool,
to put a good horse through all that
well, I ain't gonna argue, you're dang sure correct
there wasn't much under my hat.

Young and stupid, I was lost in a dream
as I stumbled my way through it all
we left California in the bud of the spring
and didn't stop riding 'til fall
pretendin' to know what the hell I was doin'
I picked up a trail to the east
and I drug him through all kinds of hell and high water
not fit for human nor beast

and it's yipee ki yo on the prairie
where the deer and the antelope roam
I'll put my trust in god and my horse
'cause they know how to find the way home

So listen up all you drifters and bounders
there's something you shouldn't forget
what's done has been done, the race has been run
but it dang sure ain't over just yet
it's snowin' up there in the mountains
and the river's beginning to rise
And I still hear the sound of my horse on the range
I can still see the fire in his eyes

and it's yipee ki yo on the prairie
where the deer and the antelope roam
I'll put my trust in god and my horse
'cause they know how to find the way home
Track Name: Whiskey Do Me In
Pickup truck, two lane road, rollin' down the line
away from Louisiana that green eyed gal of mine
I was only seventeen, she was twenty-two
hypnotized, mesmerized, things I thought she knew
she ran off with a hippie boy…
never saw her again
women do me wrong
but the whiskey do me in

roadhouse conversation, trouble at the door
talkin’ to a drunk man, says you can’t fall off the floor
cowboy hands his money to the redneck sellin’ weed
the hooker in the corner and a bottle’s all I need
a dark room and cheap perfume
set my head to spin
let them do their best
let the whiskey do me in

another empty night, life’s a big motel
sometimes you make it to your room, sometimes straight to hell
sometimes you check out early, sometimes overstay
flashing sign says vacancy, gonna be the price you pay
devil gonna get you
but you just don’t know when
livin’ do a number
but the whiskey do me in
Track Name: Reunion
The big reunion is going on, the sun is going down
and all her high school friends are back in town
As she steps into the room she slips into the past
now here she is, home at last

She took a ride down a lost highway,
and found that loving the cowboy of her dreams
ain’t what it seems
A broken promise, an open road,
an empty bottle, all those years alone
she's on her own

Dancing to the same old songs that carried her through the years
hanging on and holding back the tears
A pretty girl in a high school scene,
she feels like she’s seventeen again
(just like she’s seventeen again…)

Her old steady is showing signs that he never put out the flame
she closes her eyes and things are just the same
A pretty girl, a high school queen,
she feels like she’s seventeen again
(it’s just like she’s seventeen again…)

Staying out ‘til the break of dawn,
holding hands and laughing all night long
nothing’s wrong
And in the shadows of a summer moon
she forgets about all the years between
and she’s seventeen
like a time machine
she’s seventeen
a high school queen
she’s seventeen